[dba-VB] Button Images - Found!

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Wed May 11 13:04:56 CDT 2011

Shamil & Michael,

OK - I finally found these.  They are in the following folder.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio
ffice and VS

First, under the 1033 folder, you'll need to unzip the VS2010ImageLibrary
Next, in the button's Image property, select the ellipsis.  In the next
window, select Project Resource file, then push Import and navigate to the
above folder.  When you select an image, it will be copied to your project
under a Resources folder.  

There is also a way (I didn't pursue for now) to create your own Image List,
which you can use to assign an image to a control.  I'm guessing that the
Image List can be used for multiple Projects so you can save some time and
also have your own set of images to use consistently in all your projects.

Also, there are many other image folders that contain other types of images.


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In .Net for windows form is there a standard set of images for buttons like
Access has?  I'd hate to have to create left arrow and a right arrow images.






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