[dba-VB] redemption

jwcolby jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com
Fri May 27 09:53:53 CDT 2011

We are trying to use Redemption (outlook) to get around the MS security nonsense.  We are using the 
RDO portion because the SafeMail object (Outlook) side of redemption was missing the mail.subject 
property msg.move for moving a message from folder to another.  The RDO does have those things.

We are still having two specific problems.

1) We are unable to find a way to cause RDO to download the mail, thus the MailReceived event never 
fires.  As a result we are currently opening outlook and setting it up to download every 1 minute. 

2) RDO.Msg.Move moves the message but we can't see it in the folder it was moved to.  IOW if we move 
a bunch of mail items then go look in the folder that the mail items were put into, the collection 
doesn't show it as being there.  If in Outlook we click on that folder, *then* back in our code the 
folder shows the mail items as being in the folder.

If anyone is using this stuff please feel free to comment.


John W. Colby

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