[dba-VB] Back to native Code?

Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
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I doubt whether it is on it way out but I do think MS has to realize that
not everyone sees .Net as the way to salvation. 

Companies like Amazon, Google and even Oracle are completed committed to
Java development are regardless of the temptation are not about to switch.
Then there are companies like FaceBook which are completely committed to
PHP. There is a massive base of there languages and that is for a number of

First, the languages are Open Source which means everyone regardless of the
finances can get into the product. This is particularly attractive to
university students who traditionally have no money and that is important as
these people are the future of the programming world. 

Second, the languages are not tied to a specific version of Windows and/or
Framework. A .Net application that will run on a Server2008 will not
necessarily run on Server2003. There is a lot of investment in development
and no programmer wants to loss 10 years of their lives due to someone's
idea of an improvement.

Third, the .Net language is not portable. IOW they can only run on one
platform. Linux's penetration of the desktop market may not be that large
but in the Server market Linux is king. Until recently, there was a parallel
project running under the old Novell, to create and support a Linux .Net but
after its purchase by Attachmate, the project has been abandoned. MS may not
realize it but this will hurt .Net on Windows as well.

Fourth, Open Source products have one big advantage over controlled factory
type languages and that is the speed of bug resolution. A bug appears on
Thursday and a solution is posted on Saturday. Every time a major OS product
has an issue, 1200 university student whip into the source code to be the
first person to arrive at a viable solution. 

Fifth, languages that have been around for a while have been used to create
and support many large and small projects and applications. That is a huge
investment and major companies are loathed to abandoned migrate without a
very good reason. Example: there are many large accounting system that have
been written in Cobol and some companies still have stable of Cobol
programmers working for them. 

Sixth, good desktop centric languages are not nearly as important as they
were 10 years ago. People are looking for languages that are web server
supporting and can be extended to browser based environments. To that end
ASP.Net does an acceptable job at this level of support but, its deployment
coupled with IEx does not necessarily comply with new the industry
standards, in CSS3, HTML5 and now WebGL.
C++ was at one time a product belonging to MS/Borland but that has
dramatically changed with Open Source C/C++ compilers available. Now it is
cross-platform and now its future is assured.



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Is the romance with .Net and managed code on it's way out?
Is the "next big thing" going to be a return to native code?


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