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Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
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Hi Arthur

Yes, listen to Shamil, go and sign up and get our Northwind.net project.
It also sports a collection of reports using the (free and) native
Reporting Services which you will have to get familiar with unless you
wish to pay big bucks for third-party tools.

Also, do study the EF, Entity Framework, which frees you from SqlCommand
and other low-level stuff.
As for LINQ, go to http://www.linqpad.net/ and get the free editor, an
excellent tool and tutorial - one of the very few I have paid for to
obtain the version with IntelliSense.

As for menus, I use a simple treeview style menu which I've found all
users understand right away and is simple to expand as the app evolves.


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Emne: [dba-VB] Actually a C# Question

I have been Googling and trying to find something meaningful in the way of
C# sample apps, and falling short just about everywhere I turn. I am
trying to surmount this hurdle. I have downloaded a bunch of examples that
have nothing at all to do with databases, which is my principal concern,
and so all these graphic examples are of little or no interest to me as a
(primarily) database developer.

Access 2007 came with a Time&Billing sample that I like a lot. I have
customized it to suit my needs. It's the perfect small app for me to learn
my chops in: a few tables, a few listforms, a click on the PK opens the
one of interest, etc.

Can anyone provide me to a few links or samples which will help guide me
into this new world? I have built a few apps that do not concern databases
(MDI text editor etc.), but I need to move on to the world of DB access,
starting with small stuff and gradually escalating to 20-table apps and
then 40-table apps and then 100-table apps; I'm assuming that after that,
I'll be able to figure out the rest.

Meanwhile I have several questions, which may reveal my old-school

1. Why would I want to use DLinq as opposed to firing sprocs? I absolutely
have missed the boat on this one.
2. In a 10-table app, how many DataLinks and SQLAdapters etc. do I need?
3, How does one present a GridView upon which a double-click invokes a
one-row edit/insert form, then return to the refreshed list?
4. Assuming we're abandoning the convenience of Access's Switchboard menu
system, what is proposed instead?
5. I have a UI-problem with the typical hierarchical presentation of data.
I do not want a list of Customers to invoke another list of
CustomerProjects, and thence their details, and so on. What I want up
front is a list of Incomplete Projects, prioritized by Immediacy.
Double-clicking on one of those ought to open a tabbed form that lists
HoursLogged, ExpensesIncurred, PaymentsMade, and so on.

No example that I have yet encountered shows me how to build this sort of
app. I'm looking for such an example but failing to find it. Can anyone
provide me with such a link?

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software developers.

-- Arthur Fuller

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