[dba-VB] Use/convert Java with/to .Net

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Wed Feb 22 09:21:13 CST 2012

Hi Shamil

No, you are right, that's how I understand it as well.
My reasoning was, that a Java guy (m/f) would be more likely to know about XSL-FO, thus might be able to deliver some input.


>>> Salakhetdinov Shamil <mcp2004 at mail.ru> 22-02-2012 16:04 >>>
Hi Gustav --

> Now, if I only knew a Java guy to consult ... as I have never written a single line of Java code.
But you don't need to know Java, do you? - AFAIU IKVM converts Java compiled bytecode (libs) into CIL (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Intermediate_Language) .NET assemblies: DLLs and/or .EXEs..

Then you can use converted DLLs from your C#/VB.NET programs...

Thank you.

- Shamil

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