[dba-VB] FYI: Microsoft embracing REST, ATOM and JSON by Open Data Protocol (OData)

Salakhetdinov Shamil mcp2004 at mail.ru
Thu May 3 07:03:36 CDT 2012

Hi Gustav --

My pleasure!

I have got a couple of other useful links


Tried to use the second one (after changing all wed.config files to point to my sample MS SQL database) locally but it didn't work for me resulting in:

"Resource not found for segment 'Employees'"

error message when querying oData web service via sample .NET console app project provided within the second link test solution.
Googling didn't give an immediate clue how to fix the issue.
So I will have to go step by step trying to make the above or my own oData samples working, somewhere later this week, next week...

Thank you.

-- Shamil

Thu, 03 May 2012 08:31:02 +0200 от "Gustav Brock" <Gustav at cactus.dk>:
> Hi Shamil
> Thanks! That looks like a good article - and using Northwind as example data, I noticed.
> I will have a closer look in the weekend.
> /gustav
> >>> Salakhetdinov Shamil <mcp2004 at mail.ru> 03-05-2012 00:03 >>>
> Hi Francisco and Gustav --
> Here is a link, which seems to have good information how to make and how to communicate with oData (web) services:
> "Open Data Protocol by Example" by Chris Sells:
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff478141.aspx 
> Thank you.
> -- Shamil
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