[dba-VB] That 'Minority Report' interface? It's now only $70 away - Gadgetbox on msnbc.com

Hans-Christian Andersen hans.andersen at phulse.com
Tue May 22 10:52:04 CDT 2012

The merits of the technology itself is pretty cool, but the utility of it is less than practical. Especially when talking about human-computer interfaces.

Most of the problems stem from the same reason why Microsofts Kinect is an overhyped product that produces a laughably sub-par experience for users when playing games. There is no physical feedback and actions are easily misinterpreted. Computers are logical and precise, while humans are not, so the device cannot divine what the user actually meant to do and users will constantly have to struggle with accidentally closing windows or dragging them off screen and pressing the wrong buttons, etc.

Then theres the whole issue of positioning. Does this device then force you to have to position yourself in front of a computer a certain way? What if you have two monitors or more (as most programmers do), will it still work? Probably not.

This technology makes a whole lot more sense to use on a device that has a very simplified interface and sits at a distance away. For instance, channel surfing on your TV. Something basic. Nothing as complicated as interfacing with a computer though.


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