[dba-VB] where is the Parallel library

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Sat Sep 15 08:48:08 CDT 2012

Hi John

There is no .Parallel, but having declared:

using System.Threading.Tasks;

you should be ready. 
Here is a document that should get you started:


I haven't had any use for Parallel so I cannot advise further.


>>> jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com 15-09-12 14:59 >>>
According to this:


it is supposed to be under tasks but there is no dot object under tasks.

John W. Colby
Colby Consulting

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On 9/15/2012 8:54 AM, jwcolby wrote:
> VS 2010, .Net 4.0.
> I am not finding the parallel library.  System.Threading.Tasks is there but I am not able to find
> the parallel library.  Google isn't helping either.
> Where did they put this thing?

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