[dba-VB] Missing .pdb file?

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Not sure if this could be the issue but take a look at


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I've been struggling with VS 2013 for 2 days now.  I'm transitioning from
2010 to 2013 over the last few weeks, and have come across a problem that I
just can't find a solution for.


I have a report where the data I am giving the report apparently has no
rows, or is null.  The problem though is that when the error occurs, I get a
tab which says, 'Source not Found', or 'Can't find
Microsoft.ReportViewer.Common.pdb'.  The same problem exists with
Microsoft.ReportViewer.Winforms.pdb.  Through lots of searching, I've been
able to determine that the .pdb file should be automatically loaded when the
form with the report viewer control opens, but it's not. 


After I start the app, I can select Debug | Windows | Modules.  This
displays a window showing all the .dll files, and which of these have loaded
their corresponding .pdb files.  You can right-click each .dll file to
ensure that the corresponding .pdb file should be loaded automatically, and
you can force it to load right then.  But even when I force the .pdb file to
load, it won't.  


This problem happens with VS 2013 (and also 2012), but not with VS 2010.
Because of this, I can't feasibly use VS 2013, and unfortunately need to
just return to VS 2010.


I have uninstalled/reinstalled VS 2010, VS 2013, and .Net 4/4.51.


Has anyone seen this behavior or know how to solve it?





Dan Waters


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