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Dan Appleman has been around for a long time in the Windows community. His
product isn't cheap but I would expect it would be good. I have not had any
experience with it. http://www.desaware.com/

The other source to look at is CodeProject. They have a lot of open source
material on their site. For our Access products we rolled our own system.
Seems to have worked but it is specific to our software.

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To all,

I have been unemployed for around 12 months now and been trying to teach
myself vb.net, c#, asp.net, php etc....I am at a stage where I am thinking
of going self-employed and I have a few software ideas, however I have never
come across how to put license keys onto an application.  could anyone point
me in the direction of how to do this, so that a user can have the software
for about 30 days, but then if not entered a license key it will not work

Thanks in advance for any help.

Paul Hartland
paul.hartland at googlemail.com
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