[dba-VB] Connecting to a IIS 8 web site programmatically using C#

Salakhetdinov Shamil mcp2004 at mail.ru
Thu Jan 29 04:20:18 CST 2015

 Hi All --

When using IIS 8 Manager program I can connect to a remote site (IIS: FIle -> Connect to a Site...) specifying:

- Server Name (say and   
- Site Name      (say MyTestSite.hosting.web.biz)

in the first dialog window "Connect to SIte: Specify Site Connection Details".  Then clicking [Next] button and
providing credentials 

- User name and 
- Password 

in the second dialog window.

Question: How to implement a similar IIS 7/8 site connection procedure by using C#/VB.NET code?

FYI: while googling for the subject I have found a lot of C# samples on how to Automate IIS management but none of them provided a working code for managing remote web sites.

Thank you.

Салахетдинов Шамиль

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