[dba-VS] Properties versus Attributes

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Wed Apr 1 07:13:57 CDT 2015

Hi all

From time to time I’ve wondered about the proper use of attributes versus properties, and sometimes I have looked to find a guideline but with little luck. So - nearly always – I end up defining properties as these are so easy to implement.

Today I searched again, as I for a project really need to have this settled. I found this blog entry by Eric Lippert which makes good sense to me:


In short he states:

    Use attributes to describe your mechanisms, use properties to model the domain.

As always, nothing is black/white, and “everything depends”, and specific conditions may make you derive from this - but, at least as a starting point, do you find this statement true? Or do you stick to other guidelines?

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