[dba-VS] node.js tools for VS

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Thu Apr 2 05:44:37 CDT 2015

Hi all

Note that VS now also seems to be prominent tool for node.js:


I must admit that I haven't paid much attention to node.js but I will now.

Anders Hejlsberg used it exclusively as the local server during his presentation. It was amazing what a few lines of code could do.


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Hi all

Today I attended a lecture by Anders Hejlsberg - you know, the man behind Turbo Pascal, Delphi, C#, and now TypeScript. A free event not to miss.

Code-wise it was a beginner's course, which felt a bit strange, but - as you can imagine - he quickly managed to give it a much broader perspective and, indeed, a good understanding of the background for "why TypeScript?".

Very inspiring, and should you be in doubt, this is hot. I should add, that if you today program in Javascript (I see all hands) you should at once turn to TypeScript. The well-known arguments - which he brightly demonstrated the value of - are classes, strong typing, and - because of the strong typing - IntelliSense. Even then it compiles to pure non-expanded Javascript. It is so clever:


It is open-source and expanding at high speed:


In addition to Visual Studio, a range of other editors are at hand. For much of the demo he used Sublime Text:


which has the special feature that it can show - in real time a split-pane window with TypeScript at left and the resulting Javascript at right. It is not free but worth considering at USD 70 if you plan to typescript a lot. It runs on all relevant platforms.


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