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Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Sun Apr 5 03:21:01 CDT 2015

??Hi Charlotte

I was reluctant to spend money on expensive third-party report designers as VS comes with a quite capable reportdesigner.

The problem is to get started, because you instinctively assume it might behave just a little like your well-known designer in Access. But it doesn't; it is upside-down. However, there is a deep logic behind this, and when you grasp this, it is a wonderful designer. I have done some quite extensive reports generating hundreds of pages with pictures and critical formatting and met zero issues. But, as said, it is different.

These days, a lot of tutorials must exist out there. I have previously posted a link for a very good starting point. Sadly, it seems not to be updated, but the basics are still valid:


Also, don't miss Shamil's old Northwind.NET project which aimed at cloning the user experience 100%:


All reports - some created by me - were created with the native report designer of Visual Studio at zero cost.

These links could also be of value:

    ReportViewer Web Server and Windows Forms Controls


If you use SQL Server (including Express version, though with a few limitations), you can even choose to have the reports generated either at the database server or in Local Mode:

    Using the ASP.NET 2.0 ReportViewer in Local Mode

I haven't used this, so I can't tell how well it performs.


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What do you guys use to generate reports in Visual Studio.  I know a lot of people use Crystal Reports, but I hate that option.

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