[dba-VS] Question on Windows and/or Access database closing, etc timing

Charles Wolfe cawolfe at verizon.net
Sun Apr 5 20:50:55 CDT 2015

Hi All,
The system I am working on uses MS Access as the data repository, which is related to part of the following. 
There is a problem of Windows, or VS run time, not closing and releasing an ACCESS file when a VS program says to close it in a timely manner so that the next effort to access the database from within VB says it does not exist or is in use by another user. Anyone found a good solution to this? Doing a dispose and finalize does not necessarily seem to work at speeding things up or freeing the database "quickly". I've had it take up to 20 minutes on an XP system with VB2003!

 Maybe related to the preceding: Has anyone had problems using VB to create a folder and copy a file or 2 to it, and then when trying to access the folder or one of the files from within the program found that Windows does not think it (they) exist? This seems to be a Windows timing problem but I'm not sure.  Eventually the folder and its content does appear; but it confuses the user to get a "does not exist" message within seconds of having the program create the folder, etc. The user creates a "project" data base, then tries to define a "sample" within the database (a single entry in one of the tables), it sometimes takes 2 tries to get the sample defined, the first time, the "database does not exist" 'error' happens.

Charles WolfeSylmar, CA

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