[dba-VS] Using callback with IIS Express

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Fri Aug 14 10:17:17 CDT 2015

Hi all

This seems to be a security setting of Windows 8.1. I have binged/googled all over and found numerous work-around suggestions (edit hosts file, change browser settings, create bit.ly shortcuts, etc.) but none seems to work.

The easiest method appears to use a test web server I make public and address through our public domain name. This way I can also work with it from any machine without a lot of tweaking.


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Emne: [dba-Tech] Using callback with IIS Express

Hi all

I have found a library that allows for easy creation of an Oauth2 connection and login:


As you can read from the notes, I have published the project to a remote hosted server and can reach the success page for Facebook and Twitter.
But whatever I try, I cannot create a successful callback for neither of these to IIS Express on my localhost port 28950.

I guess it's only "a little thing" I miss to set up on my workstation but what? Any ideas?

I should add, that I can run the project locally with the callback pointing to the remote server and it still works. The browser loads the remote success page.


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