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Jim Lawrence accessd at shaw.ca
Tue May 12 13:53:01 CDT 2015

Hi Gustav:

Congratulations! :-)


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Hi Arthur et al

I managed to pass the course. It was a bit more difficult than expected because the instructors and the homework insist on a rigid use of interfaces even for the tiniest purpose - they call them baby interfaces -like:

    interface IArtStyle {
        name: string;

Thus you get a tiny class like:

    class ArtStyle implements IArtStyle {
        name: string;
        constructor(artStyle: IArtStyle) {
            this.name = artStyle.name;

Effectively, as you can see, this holds nothing more than a string.
But it demonstrates the power of strong typing. 

Also the option for classes, inheritance, and modules (namespaces) really turns Javascript into a low-level language compared to TypeScript.

It took me many hours to create the final piece of code - until I found out that the provided JSON file was buggy. But, hey, isn't that real life? Never trust an unknown data source.


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I too am taking the course. And thanks for the link to SublimeText. I just installed it on two physical boxes, running Windows 8.1 and Debian 14 on the other, plus one VM running Ubuntu. and VoltDB.

I haven't completed the course yet, but am sure liking what I've seen so far.


On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 7:33 AM, Gustav Brock <gustav at cactus.dk> wrote:

> Hi all
> Apropos:
> There is a free course at 6 x 3-4 hours on TypeScript on-line at edX 
> by the two highly qualified instructors Dan Wahlin and Anders 
> Hejlsberg (lead architect of C# and core developer on TypeScript in case you are not aware):

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