[dba-VS] Code Lens + Code Health Indicator Now Available for Visual Studio Community

Dan Waters df.waters at outlook.com
Tue Jun 21 19:13:00 CDT 2016

Today I discovered that a portion of the CodeLens feature is available for
Visual Studio Community 2015.  I installed the SSDTSetup.exe (for SS 2016)
file which popped up as an update in VS.  After that I started seeing 'X
references' in small gray code above each method in my code (X is an
integer).  I can click on the word 'references' to see a list of other
methods which call this one, and click on those methods.  This is a very
nice fast way to review what will be affected before I make a change.


The CodeMap part of CodeLens is not part of what's been added.  Hopefully
some enterprising extension developer will figure that out - I will pay for


I also found another extension called 'Microsoft CodeLens Code Health
Indicator'.  I installed that and then saw 'maintainability Y' immediately
to the right of 'X references'.  Y is a number from 0 to 100 where a higher
number indicates a less complex method.  So far the numbers seem to be about
right with how complex each of my methods are.


It's great to see MS including this information in VS Community - it will


Some discussion here:





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