[dba-VS] ASP.NET MVC: Retrieve HTML encoded content

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Hi Jim

That sounds as a viable option. 
Actually, I did consider JSON but somehow got away from it. Now that I look at the examples of your link, I can see that - for my purpose - such files will be easily human readable, thus the minor changes to be made once or twice per year can easily be carried out with minimal work.

Also, several good libraries for handling JSON exist for .Net, so I will not have to reinvent anything.

Thanks for the wake up.

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Hi Gustav:

This is my opinion but judging by what the webdesigners are using, I would recommend JSons files. Text files tend to be too simple/limited and XML files are non standard and not always supported outside Redmond. Here is one example of using JSon files and the XML equivelent:


This is of course is assuming a Postcard type web site. If security is a requirement the site will need a full BE with secure connections and databases.


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From: "Gustav Brock" <gustav at cactus.dk>
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Subject: [dba-VS] ASP.NET MVC: Retrieve HTML encoded content

Hi all

I'm working with a small low-traffic website that mostly will contain pages (partial views) with text like articles - title, subtitle, body perhaps with some links and lists.
Much like a miniature CMS, but while the layout will be fixed, the content may have to be edited over time.

My first thought was simply to store the content stubs in discrete text files which easily could be replaced without rebuilding the site, but just naming these files quickly will be a mess, I think.
Then I thought of a database, but isn't that overkill? Also, that will require an "admin" section or separate app or the like to edit the content, and then the project suddenly escalates.

So is there something in between simple files and a database, that my lack of fantasy is leaving out?

I also thought of XML files, which I have used before with some success, but that was for traditional data storage, not text blocks.

Further, how do you go about editing the content as HTML? I will only need basic attributes like bold, link, and list. Do you write up the content in an HTML editor, save this, and then retrieve it as raw HTML?

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