[dba-VS] ASP.NET MVC: Retrieve HTML encoded content

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Sat Oct 15 02:58:29 CDT 2016

Hi Jim

First and foremost: Umbraco: https://umbraco.com/

Then, CMS Composite C1, now CMS Orchestra C1: http://docs.cms.orckestra.com/Getting-started/Download
It seems to go well with custom MVC projects: http://docs.composite.net/Functions/MVC

Also, for its specific purpose, though not an MVC project, BlogEngine: http://dotnetblogengine.net/

I haven't worked with any of these, so I can't tell you more.


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Is there an easy cost effective path to ASP.NET MVC development? Is the product complex to deploy or is it user-friendly? How good is the product's performance and what sort of resources are necessary to roll out a server, that supports it? Are the add-ons cheap, expensive or complex; printer interface, Adobe pages? Does it accommodate other languages? Does this product deploy on Linux servers? Does it have interfaces to other data servers other than just MS SQL? Is there end-to-end encryption built is?

Sorry to hit you with all these questions but you seem to be the first expert that I have run into. My other friends have dabbled with it but they are hardly experts.

Aside: Many of my younger friends who are in still the business, work exclusively in Linux and just glaze over when I mention Microsoft. So I am one of these people that still has a foot in both camps. Most of the old guys, like me, are basically out of the business and the younger ones couldn't care less.


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Sorry, didn't look at the subject. Don't think DNN incorporates MVC. The version I used uses web forms.

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Are there any mainstream CMSs made in .Net, that are inexpensive?


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