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If you use LINQPad to view the SQL language you'll see that it's pretty good!

But then - clowns don't use LINQPad do they?

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> LINQ resolves to optimized SQL language to give you great performance.


Just had a website bring a shared server to its knees because of LINQ resolving to the following "optimised" SQL:

(Admittedly the developer is a bit of a clown who doesn't really understand realtional databases - He took a view from an in house server that was based on 6 related tables and dumped the output of that view as a flat table - hence the SQL is drawing data from a wide table containing 4.5million records named  [dbo].[vw_SearchElectorDetails]  )

You will note that it actually pulls the entire table as a recordset which is then used as the source of the  actual select.

[Extent1].[LName] AS [LName],       [Extent1].[FName] AS
[FName],       [Extent1].[Gender] AS [Gender],       [Extent1].[Address]
AS [Address],       [Extent1].[DOB] AS [DOB],       [Extent1].[ElectorPK]
AS [ElectorPK],       [Extent1].[LocationName] AS [LocationName],      
[Extent1].[WardName] AS [WardName],       [Extent1].[LLGName] AS
[LLGName],       [Extent1].[DistrictName] AS [DistrictName],      
[Extent1].[ProvinceName] AS [ProvinceName]      

[vw_SearchElectorDetails].[LName] AS [LName],     
[vw_SearchElectorDetails].[FName] AS [FName],     
[vw_SearchElectorDetails].[Gender] AS [Gender],     
[vw_SearchElectorDetails].[Address] AS [Address],     
[vw_SearchElectorDetails].[DOB] AS [DOB],     
[vw_SearchElectorDetails].[ElectorPK] AS [ElectorPK],     
[vw_SearchElectorDetails].[LocationName] AS [LocationName],     
[vw_SearchElectorDetails].[WardName] AS [WardName],     
[vw_SearchElectorDetails].[LLGName] AS [LLGName],      [vw_Search
 ElectorDetails].[DistrictName] AS [DistrictName],     
 [vw_SearchElectorDetails].[ProvinceName] AS [ProvinceName]   

 [dbo].[vw_SearchElectorDetails] AS [vw_SearchElectorDetails]) 

AS  [Extent1]    
WHERE [Extent1].[LName] = @p__linq__0


On 21 Oct 2016 at 15:46, Dan Waters wrote:

> I also made the choice to use LINQ as the data layer between my 
> application and SQL server.  And this is really the way to go.  It 
> gives you intellisense while you're writing code for CRUD operations 
> and you'll get error indicators on-screen if you've done something 
> wrong.  Also - buy a copy of LINQPad Pro - it's a great sandbox for 
> writing LINQ queries.  LINQ resolves to optimized SQL language to give 
> you great performance.

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