[dba-VS] Finding a Windows Forms Developer in Minneapolis / St. Paul Area

Daniel Waters df.waters at outlook.com
Sat Apr 27 11:50:05 CDT 2019

Hello Everyone!

I'd like to get your thoughts on the business side of licensing a Windows Forms application.

In a few months, I'm going to begin looking for new customers for the Windows Forms + SQL Server-based Business Process Management (BPM) system that I've upgraded from an Access platform.  It's named TrueBPM(r).  The business model will be that this is a Starter System - I'll get it deployed over 6 - 12 months and then turn it over to the customer company for them to add in all the remaining business processes they want to.  A typical customer might be a manufacturing company of medium to large size and they will probably have 10 - 20 business process that they should automate within TrueBPM.

The website for TrueBPM is at www.promationsystems.com<http://www.promationsystems.com>

Of course, TrueBPM is a client-server application, not a SaaS application, and I will be at the company site frequently.  Also, this won't work well as a far remote job because the TrueBPM developer will be repeatedly working the business users as part of many different Process Design Teams (PDT). They will collaboratively design an application from scratch which is better-done face-to-face.  Perhaps working from home but being available on-site might be OK. I think that this will be a 2 - 4 year position, depending on several things.

A key part of this is that they hire a qualified WF developer who I can train to learn the specific BPM features of TrueBPM.  So - where to find such a person?  I have three thoughts on this:

1)      From a recruiter - I've talked to one recruiter who said that he always has people he can find with WF developer skills.

2)      An experienced Access developer who I can train to use WF.  This might be the best choice if that Access developer is already in the company.

3)      An experienced developer of any language, again who I can teach to use WF.  This developer would be taking this position with the specific goal of eventually moving into a position which requires significant experience both as a developer and in knowing how the business side of a company really works.  This might be a fairly well-paid position.

So - any thoughts you folks have on finding a developer for this position would be really helpful!


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