[AccessD] average in matrix

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Wed Jan 5 03:11:22 CST 2005

Hi Pedro

In Access you can link to the Excel workbook.

In the workbook, create a Named Range which exactly contains the
matrix. Save the file.
In Access, attach the workbook, choose Named Range and not Worksheet.
Pick your Named Range.

Now, create a query like this:

    Avg(([F1]+[F2]+[F3])/3) AS AvgMatrix

where you, of course, will need to adjust the number of fields
(columns, here 3) and the included fields (F1 to Fn) and the name of the
linked Excel range (xlsMatrixTest).


>>> pedro at plex.nl 05-01-2005 08:54:22 >>>
Hello Group,

i have a matrix in Excel and would like the average of all the values
in the fields. Kan this been done with access or is it better to do this
in Excel, in a way that i don't have to change formula for each field
for the horizontal values and vertical values.

Pedro Janssen

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