[AccessD] Reading FoxPro Tables

Rocky Smolin - Beach Access Software bchacc at san.rr.com
Sat Jan 1 16:36:39 CST 2005

Thanks.  Got to try this later today or tomorrow.  Stand by for more basic 


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> Rocky
> I did just this a week or 2 back. In ODBC select User DS click Add and
> visual fox pro driver. In visual FP setup dialogbox give it a name (say 
> xxx)and
> select free table directory, then find the .DBF file. Ok that lot. then in
> Access link to xxx. Select ODBC in "Files of Type" .
> In the Select the Machine Data Source tab  and with any luck you will  the
> xxx ODBC name.
> I did this with a Geller cash register which uses foxpro datafiles
> The dll used is VFPODBS.dll version 6.00.8167.00
> Hope this helps.
> WardB
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