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Charlotte Foust cfoust at infostatsystems.com
Mon Jan 10 11:11:43 CST 2005

If Q:\PROJECTS\CAB\Approved\TN009734\09734REP.WPD is the path, does that
mean the wpd file is in a cab?  On WinXP, searching for a file will find
it in a compressed or cab file, but that doesn't mean Access knows about

Charlotte Foust

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Inherited database, not my fault.

This code is executed in the onclick event of a subform.  It is to
evaluate the extension (in this case it is a .wpd) and go to the correct
case, which it does, and then open up the strDocLoc.

The shell is properly defined as:
Const MSWord = "C:\cqabapps\viewers\word\wordview.exe"

(The application is sitting there looking at me)

Dim strDocType As String, strDocLoc As String
Dim strMsgText As String, strMsgTitle As String
Dim MyAppID As Integer

strDocType = Forms![frmDoc_TD]![frmDoc_TDSUB].Form![Extension]
strDocLoc = Forms![frmDoc_TD]![frmDoc_TDSUB].Form![Path]

Select Case strDocType
            Case "doc", "wpd", "txt"
            MyAppID = Shell(MSWord & " " & strDocLoc, vbMaximizedFocus)


Run-time Error 53
File not found

If I go to the FIND feature from the start menu and put in the
Q:\PROJECTS\CAB\Approved\TN009734\09734REP.WPD it goes right to it.  If
I tell it to open it with the wordview.exe it works.

Now why in the world would it think it can not find this or any file
that is selected?

Happy Monday.... Happy Monday...
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