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I've been trying to learn how to be (don't laugh) a salesperson.  And, what
you've done here is list the KPI's (Key Pain Indicators) and the
corresponding solutions your system provides.  I've worked around
manufacturing most of my career, and the things you've listed will hit home
with manufacturing managers.

I do have to wonder about your price.  Is it too low?  You've included a
great deal of value - how do you calculate the value your software provides?
I've read that software these days is expected to have a payback period of 6
- 18 months.  You system, for a $15M company, might have a payback period of
a few days.  Could you segment your system into low price & fewer features
and high price & more features?   

Best of luck!
Dan Waters
ProMation Systems

PS - Read the reviews on a book called ROI Selling - it might be worth a

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Dear List:

So I hired this PR guy to do PR of E-Z-MRP - http://www.trcutlerinc.com/.
He does strictly manufacturing software related PR.  

He has a colleague who is apparently a web marketing whiz and he solicited
this guy's opinion about my site and the guy had some very constructive
criticisms - the most salient of which was that the home page was not
motivating readers to take action.  Good info but weak.

So we made the old home page a FAQ page and redesigned the home page for a
more forceful call to action.

Can you take a look and tell me what you think of this approach?  The old
home page you can still see by clicking FAQ.

My site:  www.e-z-mrp.com

Thanks in advance,

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