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Jim Moss jim.moss at jlmoss.net
Mon Oct 3 17:25:59 CDT 2005


According to the Microsoft Jet Database Engine Programmer's Guide and this
may have changed between 3.5 and 3.6 : If the table was created via code,
then there will be no Description Property created. If the table was
created with Access, and then you typed a value in description, the
Description property should have been added automatically. If the table
was created by code and then you added data in the description, that is
not covered.

If you want to include a Description property in code created tables, then
you must add it to the properties collection by using the CreateProperty
method of the TableDef object.


> When you look at a table in design view, each field has a field name, a
> data
> type, and a description.  I have iterated through the field properties of
> a
> field in a table, and the various properties I can see are:
> Value;Attributes;CollatingOrder;Type;Name;OrdinalPosition;Size;SourceField;S
> ourceTable;ValidateOnSet;DataUpdatable;ForeignName;DefaultValue;ValidationRu
> le;ValidationText;Required;AllowZeroLength;FieldSize;OriginalValue;VisibleVa
> lue;ColumnWidth;ColumnOrder;ColumnHidden;
> I am not finding the DESCRIPTION which I REALLY need to extract for
> building
> a document.
> Does anyone know how I get at the DESCRIPTION property of a field in a
> table?
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