[AccessD] Array faster in DLL?

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I'd expect some speed increase from compiled code but how much is hard to say.  It's doubtful that it would cut the time in half but it's certainly a possiblity.

Are your routines in class modules?  If not and you can write them into a class or classes I'd be glad to compile them for you so you could test.

Jim DeMarco

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Hi all

I have some routines that manipulate data in and between some arrays. 
The arrays are not large but they are recalculated about 3 mio. times which runs on my machine to 90 seconds.

I was wondering if there would be any significant speed increase by moving these routines to a DLL. I have no experience in writing such libraries but guess I could find as the routines are uncomplicated. Variables are Long mostly, only one Single. 
It would take me some time to program these, of course, and if the speed increase only could be expected to be, say, 30%, it wouldn't hardly be worth it.

Does anyone (Drew, Stuart?) have experience about what to expect?


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