[AccessD] Question on order within a union query

Gustav Brock Gustav at cactus.dk
Wed Aug 8 09:04:52 CDT 2007

Hi Tom

Yes, include in each of the sections of the union query an expression to sort on, like:

  SELECT 1 AS SortID, ... 
  SELECT 2 AS SortID, ... 

Then Order By SortID as the first field and those fields, you currently sort on, as the next field(s).


>>> ewaldt at gdls.com 08-08-2007 15:45 >>>
I'm converting an Excel workbook to Access, to add functionality and 
better ability for several people to use it at the same time. I've created 
the tables, relationships, etc., with no problem. However, I would like 
suggestions in one area.

The user likes a spreadsheet report in the original workbook. I'd like to 
imitate it for him within Access. This spreadsheet includes several lines 
of data (easily duplicated within Access via query), the columns 
subtotals, two more corresponding rows of data (i.e., the columns 
correspond, but the rows are different), and a final totals line.

I've put together all of the information via queries. I then combine the 
queries via a union query, but it insists on mixing the lines together, 
alphabetically, by the first column/field. I'm looking for a good way to 
avoid this. Is there a key word, command, etc., to tell Access to leave 
things in the order they're found?

If not, do you have recommendations on how to achieve what I want in a 
different way?


Thomas F. Ewald
Stryker Mass Properties
General Dynamics Land Systems

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