[AccessD] Question on order within a union query

Michael R Mattys mmattys at rochester.rr.com
Wed Aug 8 09:16:18 CDT 2007

Very nice and simple, Gustav.
That's a keeper. :)

Michael R. Mattys
MapPoint & Access Dev

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> Hi Tom
> Yes, include in each of the sections of the union query an expression to 
> sort on, like:
>  SELECT 1 AS SortID, ...
>  SELECT 2 AS SortID, ...
> Then Order By SortID as the first field and those fields, you currently 
> sort on, as the next field(s).
> /gustav
>>>> ewaldt at gdls.com 08-08-2007 15:45 >>>
> I'm converting an Excel workbook to Access, to add functionality and
> better ability for several people to use it at the same time. I've created
> the tables, relationships, etc., with no problem. However, I would like
> suggestions in one area.
> The user likes a spreadsheet report in the original workbook. I'd like to
> imitate it for him within Access. This spreadsheet includes several lines
> of data (easily duplicated within Access via query), the columns
> subtotals, two more corresponding rows of data (i.e., the columns
> correspond, but the rows are different), and a final totals line.
> I've put together all of the information via queries. I then combine the
> queries via a union query, but it insists on mixing the lines together,
> alphabetically, by the first column/field. I'm looking for a good way to
> avoid this. Is there a key word, command, etc., to tell Access to leave
> things in the order they're found?
> If not, do you have recommendations on how to achieve what I want in a
> different way?
> TIA.
> Thomas F. Ewald
> Stryker Mass Properties
> General Dynamics Land Systems
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