[AccessD] VM for different versions of Access

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...I've been compelled to wander my way into the world of asp.net, vb.net, 
and yes ...C#.net (hangs head) ...and I've yet to find any source anywhere 
that compares to AccessD ...and I can't begin to count the hours wasted 
looking for such.

...this is truly a unique place ...and its the people here that make it that 
way ...its going on 10 years now since its rebirth from the original ...and 
while people come and go, the place still feels and acts like a family 
rather than just another geek resource.


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> John,
> What a great friend you are!  I was raised in a family where perfection
> was touted as the standard.  As an adult I've learned to recognize the
> absurdity of that, but some of the emotional garbage lingers, lurking in
> the back alleys and shadows, waiting to jump out at me when I run into
> something I don't know.
> Around here, I'm expected to be the expert - the "alpha geek" of all
> things computer.  Well, you and I both know no one can know everything
> about computer "stuff."  For a few years I kept current on the office
> productivity suites of Microsoft, WordPerfect-Novel-Corel, and Lotus -
> sheeeeeeesh!!!!  I was always chasing my tail during that era!
> Now, I realize I will know some things and not some others - so I turn
> to this group.  Someone in this group always knows what I need to
> learn.  Others have said it well, but I add my statement of profound
> gratitude to the members of this list, people from everywhere at every
> level of technical expertise, and in just about everything.  What a
> blessing this team has been to me - and continues to be!
> I read the same information you did, back in the 70s.  It's just amazing!
> You definitely made my day,
> Tina
> jwcolby wrote:
>>> My past week's experience starting to learn about Linux has me very
>> sensitive to the several "Swiss Cheese holes" in my knowledge.
>> Get over it. ;-)  NOBODY know everything and most of us know very little.
>> Back in the 70s I read that at in the 1500s a "genius" could know 
>> everything
>> understood about the world, all science, math, medicine etc.  By 1970 a
>> Genius could not even know everything known about a single branch of 
>> science
>> - math, physics, chemistry etc.  Man's knowledge of the world was (at 
>> that
>> time) roughly doubling every 4 years.
>> Today it would be impossible to know everything there is to know about
>> programming languages or databases.  That is why I laugh so hard when I 
>> see
>> want adds with "must be experienced in Windows, Office, SQL Server, C#,
>> Java, HTML, etc etc let's throw in every technical term we know..."
>> "Experienced in" and "useful" are two entirely different things.
>> I strive to know one or two things very well and I can then look like an
>> expert somewhere in the world.  I haven't gotten there yet but I still
>> strive.
>> John W. Colby
>> Colby Consulting
>> www.ColbyConsulting.com
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>> Doug, William, et al,
>> How does one decide which of the files to download?  I'm using IE7, so 
>> that
>> eliminates two of the files, but what would determine my choice among
>> IE7_VPC.EXE, IE7_VIS1.exe, IE7_VIS2.rar, and IE7_VIS3.rar?
>> My guess is IE7_VPC.EXE, simply because I see "vpc" in this name, and I 
>> have
>> no idea what "vis1," "vis2," and "vis3" are.  Have I guessed correctly?
>> Okay, if I'm just dumb, I'm just dumb - but it would be nice to really 
>> know
>> what I'm looking at and what I'm choosing when I download something.  My
>> past week's experience starting to learn about Linux has me very 
>> sensitive
>> to the several "Swiss Cheese holes" in my knowledge.
>> I am going to gamble on my guess and go download IE7_VPC.EXE.
>> Thanks,
>> Tina
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