[AccessD] In a legacy system how control a Vba MsgBox

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If  you are handling the code within the Form,  then this will do  it.

    Dim x As Integer
    x = MsgBox("Click Yes or  No", vbYesNo + vbQuestion, "Choose Yes or No")
    If x = vbYes Then
' code for yes
'code for no
    End If


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 Dear AccessD Forum
 I am doing a little automation work within a legacy
 From inside some VBA code, a form is opened, given some
 data, where buttons and controls are clicked.
 The opened form, ft001CreateTasks, has a MsgBox asking
 a Yes/No question.
 What kind of handle do I use to click the YES button
 on the message box modal form ?
 Or are there some other way of tackling this issue ?
 Ed Zuris.

                 Example Vba Code snippet
    strVar = ""
    DoCmd.OpenForm "ft001CreateTasks", , , strVar
    strVar = "Rake Yard"
    Forms("ft001CreateTasks").cboTaskType.Value = strVar
    Call Forms("ft001CreateTasks").cboTaskType_Click
    . . . . now a message box open on the form . . . . .

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