[AccessD] Tired of this List

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The past is gone and we all move on to bigger and better things...that's
life. There is no point in crying over it or being disappointed. We must
just make the best of it and while morphing in new directions and

The industry has not stopped in fact it has grown exponentially and there
are so many options out there. Check out the DBA-tech list if you are

By the way where are your contributions? Every bit helps so get to it. As
the saying goes, "Ask not what the list can do for you ask what you can do
for the list."


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Hey All

I am going to be doing it again and you can tell me to F......... !

Before you take your fingers out and poke out my eyes. I am again
disappointed with this list. We get crap from likes of  Colby etc. "Who
cares". and then we get good stuff from individuals like Arthur Fuller. That
was what the list was built upon and shined in the past, everybody sharing.
Albeirt there is still some good advice being given, but it has no longer
been a friends on friends discussion. I may be  tired and old but I am also
disappointed, the list no longer has any relevance.


Tony Septav

Nanaimo, BC




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