[AccessD] Data Macros Unavailable

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Wed Jun 8 07:29:24 CDT 2016

The difference between your applications is the state of the checkbox:

File - Options - Current Database - Enable Design Changes For Tables in Datasheet View.


On 8 Jun 2016 at 6:46, ewaldt at gdls.com wrote:

> Charlotte and Doug, thanks.
> Charlotte, thanks but that's not strictly true. Following a book's
> instructions, I double-click on a table (which opens it, of course),
> and a Table Tools section appears on the ribbon, containing Fields and
> Tables tabs. Clicking on the Tables tab (sorry that I wasn't this
> specific the first time) yields several icons, including before change
> and delete, etc. Those are greyed out within my app, although the book
> says that's how I'm to access them. In another app, though, they're
> available. I can't find any difference between the two apps that would
> cause this. OTOH, opening in design view as you suggest DOES bring up
> the Table Tools section again, but this time without only one tab,
> Design. Under that is an icon for Create Data Macros, and the same
> options (before change and delete, etc.) are present, and are NOT
> greyed out, so I definitely thank you for that. Still wondering why
> that other way is available in one app but not the other.
> Doug, I created the app in Access 2007. Since I'm using 2013 now, I
> guess that's kinda, sorta a legacy app. :-)  But not really.
> Thanks, again.
> Tom Ewald
> Mass Properties
> General Dynamics Land Systems

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