[AccessD] SQLLite

Stuart McLachlan stuart at lexacorp.com.pg
Tue Jan 8 04:57:10 CST 2019

It's SQLite, not SQLLite :-)

Yes, I use it.  It's an extremely easy to use , powerful but lightweight engine which just uses 
one DLL.  And it's VERY widely used. 

Highly recommended.  Very fast storage and analysis witth aopropriate use of keys and 

Worth reading:



It would be well worth your time to download SQLite and SQLiteStudio and have a play.


On 7 Jan 2019 at 23:28, John Colby wrote:

> Is anyone in the group actively using SQLLite?  I am edging into a
> role where I will need to select a database engine - for use
> cataloging and analyzing objects in the game Morrowind, for use around
> (but not inside of) OpenMW, a Morrowind engine rewrite. Note that I am
> not on the open source coding team that is rewriting the Morrowind
> game engine, I am proposing an addon to the efforts already well under
> way.
> SQLLite seems appropriate given the small size of the data. SQLLite
> seems to be used everywhere for smallish databases, and this seems to
> be smallish data.
> Just looking for wisdom on SQLLite, ease of use (or lack thereof),
> Power of the engine for storage and analysis of the data etc.
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> John W. Colby
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