[dba-SQLServer] DTS

David Emerson davide at dalyn.co.nz
Thu Feb 19 22:13:07 CST 2004

Found it: Options - Allow Identity Insert.


At 20/02/2004, you wrote:
>SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager
>I am putting together a DTS package that copies live data into my test 
>database.  I have a data transformation set up for the tables and all the 
>data seems to copy over except the Identity field.  Instead of copying the 
>old contents it gives them new ID numbers.  This is a problem because when 
>I try to copy other tables that have relationships the ID's don't match.
>When I look at the transformations tab, and open the options for the field 
>transformation the description shows "Copy the contents of the source data 
>unchanged to the destination."  (yet is isn't).
>Any clues as to why this problem (or better still a solution).
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