[dba-SQLServer] Shrinking Log File

David Emerson newsgrps at dalyn.co.nz
Sun Jan 15 15:01:18 CST 2006

I have restored an SQL2K bak file from a different server to my stand 
alone development computer.

In the Shrink File box for the database in Enterprise Manager the log 
file is showing 13779MB in size with 113MB space used.

Under shrink action I have tried Shrink File To 150MB but an error 
8985 appears saying it can't find file SQLbe_Log in sysfiles.  The 
strange thing is that the name refers to the original file that this 
data base was created from over 3 years ago.  The database that I am 
trying to shrink is called SQLLtdbe_Log.  This name doesn't appear in 
the database file list.

If I just delete the log file, will a new one be created?  As this is 
just for testing purposes I don't need to be able to recover any 
previous transactions.


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