[dba-SQLServer] Securables in SQL Server 2005

Robert L. Stewart rl_stewart at highstream.net
Fri Mar 16 14:07:44 CDT 2007


Here is what I think will be a better solution next time
you have this problem.  This is an SP that you can add to
a database and then run.  You pass in the user/role that
you want to grant EXECUTE rights to and it goes through
the SPs and functions and grants the rights.

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>Thanks so much for replying.  I actually came to the same solution.
>Since, however, I had hundreds to set--and a bunch to unset--I created a
>table with all the objects and who needed permissions on each one.  Then
>I built up all my Grant and Revoke statements in a query, pasted the
>results in a new query window and ran them all at once.  I'm sure there
>were more elegant solutions, but this one did save my fingers--and my

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