[dba-Tech] Run-time error '91'

Jon Tydda jon at tydda.plus.com
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Firstly the obvious things - run spybot and a virus scan, just to make sure.
If they come up blank, and you have the original installation cd's, go to
help/detect and repair and fix the problem... might also be worth
downloading the latest service pack for office (sp3 for both 2k and 2003),
and the latest extra fixes too.

I've found that running diskclean and defragging the drive cures a hell of a
lot of office problems too.


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Hi All,
When I'm in Outlook and "strange " things happen, e.g. click on one
message and 15 get highlighted;  reply to a msg and as I'm typing, the
meeting request window opens and then the Notes window opens??  Then I
get this other pop-up warning window  IEHost with the msg: Run-time
error'91':Object variable or With block variable not set.  You click OK
and it goes away.  Can anyone shed some light on this, Google wasn't
very helpful.

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