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Jon Tydda Jon.Tydda at alcontrol.co.uk
Fri Mar 19 09:46:17 CST 2004

I know we've been here and done it, but I use McAfee Spamkiller, and I still
think it's great... whenever you update a filter to include a certain word
or phrase, if a number of other people have added that same filter, it'll be
added to everyone's filters on the next downloaded update from McAfee. So
you benefit from other people's spam problems... Also, because it's a
separate window that opens before your mail program, it doesn't run HTML
code, or open attachments or anything, so you can filter out Viruses etc
before they do any damage.


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I *USED* to use mailwasher but I got tiered of batteling spam and 
sending all these bounced messages...in the end I ended up moving to 
Thunderbird, which does a suprisingly good job of flitering out 
junkmail... I don't say that to pursade anyone... but in my case it's 
been a life saver to filter out at my end w/ Thunderbird. :)

(google: Mozilla Thunderbird)

Francisco H Tapia wrote:

> Spam and Email filtering is a serious and interesting topic, I'm 
> moving the thread to the dba-tech list where it can continue to grow :),
> Thanks,
> Joe Hecht wrote:
>> I have been using Mail Washer as a spam filter and successfully reduced
>> my spam load.
>> You download your e-mail into a new window. You can go in and mark the
>> spam and it gets bounced back as a bad address. You can either mark 1
>> address or an entire domain as spam. Click one button to process the
>> mail and it then downloads into your e-mail client.
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>> Anyone who has me in their address book should note that my email
>> address
>> has changed to jwcolby at colbyconsulting.com (notice the W).  I have
>> turned
>> off jcolby at colbyconsulting.com due to an overwhelming flood of spam,
>> approaching 300 spam emails a day.  While my email filter was extremely
>> accurate in getting them out of my inbox there is the occasional (1 in
>> 500
>> or so) false positives where a good email gets put out in the spam
>> folder.
>> It is getting very hard to find them so it's time to just shut that
>> email
>> box down.
>> Sorry for the inconvenience.
>> John W. Colby
>> www.ColbyConsulting.com


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