[dba-Tech] Compromised Internet Explorer?

MartyConnelly martyconnelly at shaw.ca
Thu May 5 20:05:06 CDT 2005

WinXP SP2 won't install on a bum copy of WinXP after June or July
So you will get left out on any future XP updates aside from security ones.
There is a Microsoft WinXP SP certification site to test , if you have 
an OEM recovery disk
you won't have a key. So it checks your machine type and manufacturer to 
verify XP.
Then it sticks a verification key in your registrty.
I am not sure of all the options as it varies by country, there are 
rebates for pirated software etc.


Steve Erbach wrote:

>Since I posted that message I've dinked with this system some more. My
>money is now on the possibility that my wife's friend has an
>unauthorized copy of XP. The Windows CD she gave me was a copy and the
>25-digit key was written on it. She said she got it from an IT friend
>of hers.
>I use Norton Ghost on my C: drive to back up the entire thing to my D:
>drive on a regular basis. I was curious to know if I could just swap
>the cables, reset the jumpers, and boot up with the Ghosted drive. But
>Windows detected that it was a different hard disk and wouldn't let me
>start up at all. This situation is different, but I wonder if it isn't
>because of the copied Windows XP.
>I will certainly try your suggestion of downloading the necessary
>updates on another PC and burning them to CD.
>You know, there was one other odd behavior I noticed. Yesterday I
>thought, well, maybe IE is infected somehow. I couldn't find a way to
>un-install it from the list of installed software. So I thought I'd
>try renaming the EXE file. I did so; but a few seconds later the
>program re-appeared in the program folder before my very eyes. It's
>dated sometime in August of last year. I deleted the new copy of
>IE...but a few seconds later, there it reappeared again. Is that
>Thanks, John.
>Steve Erbach
>On 5/5/05, John Bartow <john at winhaven.net> wrote:
>>Sounds like you've run the gamut! In really bad cases (I've got two sitting
>>here now) I run multiple Spyware detectors (after the initial Trend-Micro,
>>MS-AS) and then manually remove the detections (if the free version won't do
>>it). Panda, CA, X-Cleaner, Norton, F-Secure, Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, Webroot,
>>CheckPoint(Zone Alarm), Aluria. Can all be run one at a time (or many at the
>>same) so I just do that while I'm working on other things.
>>Have you booted into safe mode and tried resetting the windows update
>>settings as the administrator account? Also try the repair feature of IE.
>>Turn off the software firewall and set the IE settings back to the defaults.
>>(I'm assuming you're behind a router/HW firewall.) Try running the updates
>>after that. Also try a registry optimizer on it if you have one. Systemworks
>>or Vcom, etc. or try http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop/default.asp if you
>>You could also download the updates from another PC using the Windows Update
>>Catalog. I used to make CDs of all the updates once a month or so and then
>>use the CD with dial-up customers. It was kind of putsy but better than
>>waiting for dialup downloads (Thankfully most of my customers have DSL now!)
>>Another possible issue - NAV 2005 has some major quirks about it. Up until
>>2004 it was my top recommendation for home users (or NIS) but I have run
>>into many issues with it and unfortunately Symantec's answer always seems to
>>come down to "uninstall all Symantec software and re-install". I would
>>suggest uninstalling it. I suggest, if its OK with your friend, that you try
>>AVG or another free for personal use AV. For home users I now recommend
>>AVG/Sygate personal firewall and MS-AS (which I don't care for but hey, its
>>free and it works pretty good).
>>Anyway, there's my 2 scents...
>>John B.
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