[dba-Tech] Compromised Internet Explorer?

Jon Tydda Jon.Tydda at alcontrol.co.uk
Fri May 6 08:09:24 CDT 2005

Woah, scary...

Just a thought, trojan hunter seems to be quite a good product as well...
I've only installed the trial version so far, but it lets you upgrade to the
latest set of definitions. I've had three particularly infected pc's that
I've rescued using this after all the "normal" things have failed... That
might help with the compromised version. Google for Mischel and Trojan
Hunter and it should bring up the right product.


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Reminds me that a client just told me that her daughter came home one
night to see a poker game on her home computer. She thought at first
that her kids had been playing it...but then she saw the mouse pointer
move. She gained control and was able to shut down the poker game but
then a message appeared, "F*** you b****!" She now knows what trojans

Steve Erbach

On 5/6/05, Jon Tydda <Jon.Tydda at alcontrol.co.uk> wrote:
> Yeah, I removed them all, and Belarc still seems to work ok, even thought
> has told me of a couple of holes that I should probably worry about...
> although they're mostly to do with user permissions, rather than external
> possibilities. They've got to get through a hardware firewall and a
> one to do anything on my pc anyway... *crosses fingers and hopes for the
> best*
> Jon
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