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Jon Tydda jon at tydda.plus.com
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What he said...

For more info, see these:

If that's too much for you, just read the BBC one and go from there. The
Sysinternals one is where it all started, but it's a tiny weeny little bit
long now...


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On 11/8/05, Tina Norris Fields <tinanfields at torchlake.com> wrote:
> Jon,
> Please tell me what RootKit Revealer is - and why would it be bad to 
> play a music CD on the computer?
> Thanks,
> Tina

Sony just got in a heap of trouble for installing some software with music
CDs that attempts to hide itself and works to keep people from pirating Sony
CDs. Funny thing is, if you're not careful and remove it, your CD-Drive goes
with it (software-wise). Their software technically isn't a RootKit, but
alot of people have coined the phrase. My guess is the RootKit Revealer is
something akin to Ad-aware and Spybot that searches and removes it.

Darsant Silverstring

"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding."
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