[dba-Tech] From a reader -- has lost Outlook unread mail folder

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John, Outlook has an Unread Folder which I drag to the top of my favourites
and on my Tools/Options/Advanced I have it open in my Unread Folder which
works great for me. 

This Unread Folder only holds a  pointer to the email, it is actually in
whatever folder your Rules have dictated.

All those unread emails you mention below will appear in the Unread Folder.
It normally lives as a sub folder in the Search Folders.


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Susan, I have no idea what you mean. Outlook, by default, flags how many
messages in a folder aren't read by putting the number in parenthesis next
to the folder name. This can be turned of in options. You can turn this
on/off with switch:
R-click the specific folder and choose properties.


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