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Arthur Fuller fuller.artful at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 17:06:37 CDT 2011

Thanks for the "second pair of eyes" on the problem. I'm thinking of
resuscitating this old app and making it slick and Windows/Linux friendly.
If not for profit, then just to keep Alzheimers away. As my best friend
Peter says, "The best defence against Alzheimer's is to keep thinking."

So in the interim I shall add new columns, one for streetName and one for
streetNumber, and then do an update query to populate as many rows as
possible. Then I can isolate the failed rows and manually populate them so
that everything is hunky-dory.

It's an interesting phenomenon, politics x software dev. I know this turf
like the back of my hand, albeit within a CDN context. Venturing out would
require some serious adjustments: here in Canada we have a notion called
Ridings, which vaguely corresponds to geographical areas. I'm not sure what
the USA term for these objects is, nor the Danish or French or Italian or
Spanish, for that matter.

In CDN parlance, a Riding corresponds to some arbitrarily defined
geographical area. Upon election, the winning party is free to reposition
the boundaries of any given riding, and it's not all corrupt, but often is.
Move the boundaries describing Riding xxx to exclude people of some ethnic
persuasion, and plonk those disenfranchised people into Riding yyy, which we
know we could never win. Etc. There are lots of games played here.

What is the USA equivalent to a Riding? And further down the pike, within a
Riding there exist any number of Polling stations, the theory being that one
should not have to walk more than 5 blocks to cast her vote. What is the USA
equivalent of that concept? And (hello Gustav) what is the Danish
equivalent? And for the numerous Aussies on this list, what are your
designations for these concepts?

I mention only these because we are in frequent communication. But I welcome
answers from anyone in a country not previously mentioned.

And finally, let me throw out a gauntlet. IMO, I think that rep-by-pop is
the correct answer. However, CDN law dictates rep-by-geography, which in my
opinion is ridiculous. The province of Saskatchewan, for example, contains
fewer people than the city of Scarborough, and yet it occupies many more
seats in Parliament than does Scarborough. This, IMO, is fundamentally
wrong: geography does not and should not matter. What matters is the


On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 5:44 PM, Stuart McLachlan <stuart at lexacorp.com.pg>wrote:

> A query Column =VAL(StreetAddress) will give you the street number in all
> of those cases.
> If all you want is whether it is odd or evem, then just create a query
> column
> =VAL(StrretAddress) Mod 2
> If you want the Street Name by itself , a first pass would be
> =RIGHT$(StreetAddress, INSTR(StreetAddress," ") + 1)
> Note: In your third example, VAL() returns just the 2333.   If looking for
> the street name, I
> would want  "Queen Street", not "1070 Queen Street", so you lose data when
> splitting.  For
> the actual address, you'd use the original data rather that trying to put
> the Number and
> Streetname back together again.
> --
> Stuart
> On 14 Sep 2011 at 16:31, Arthur Fuller wrote:
> > I am working on a political campaign management app. The thing I need
> > to do is post reports that identify the even and odd numbers on a
> > given street. I inherited the db and have freedom to change it (it was
> > written by amateurs and they know it and there are no hard feelings if
> > I make a change, insofar as said change increases productivity).
> >
> > So... given a current field called StreetAddress, I want to break it
> > into two fields, StreetNumber and StreetAddress, so that I can filter
> > the even numbers for one report  and the odd numbers for an identical
> > report. How can I intelligently extract the data and populate my new
> > columns?
> >
> > Example data:
> >
> > 123 Normal Street ' easy
> > 234A Abnormal Street ' a tad trickier
> > 2333-1070 Queen Street  ' the 2333 part should fall into the
> > StreetNumber field and the rest into the StreetAddress field.
> >
> > Any clever ideas how I might achieve this?
> >
> > TIA,
> > Arthur
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