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John Bartow john at winhaven.net
Sat Feb 2 11:55:02 CST 2013

Hi Gustav,
I had a similar comment pop out of my head a few months ago.

Last summer I was asked to upgrade an XP machine to Windows 7. This was a PC
used by all the shift managers and it had a slew of little applications on
it from a multitude of third party vendors. I really didn't want to have to
contact each of them to reinstall and configure all of these little apps -
that could take days!  So I imaged the hard drive and tried "PC Mover" to
migrate everything.

It worked out fairly well (but I still prefer just installing the OS and
apps fresh and moving the files and some settings.) I did have a couple of
problems to fix. Adobe Acrobat 9 did not like the upgrade and I had to
remove it manually. And MS Office 2007 would "reconfigure" every time an
office app was opened. It reminded me of what MS Access goes through when
more than one version is installed.

I just couldn't figure out what was going on to make it behave this way. It
really wasn't a problem but just an annoyance for the staff. A couple of
months went by and one day I had an idea on it. I remoted in and deleted all
the MS Office shortcuts and rebuilt them. Problem solved! I had forgotten to
check with the staff on the issue until yesterday. I stopped in, for the
first time in maybe 6 months, to do some work on their backup system which
was misbehaving and I asked the shift manager about the Office apps. She
says "oh, yes, thanks, it works fine now. We just figured you remoted in and
fixed it." 

LOL, nice to know they remember I'm on the other side ;-)

John B

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