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John Bartow john at winhaven.net
Sun Feb 10 09:52:34 CST 2013

Hi Gustav,
Thanks for the response. Unfortunately my client's users aren't so well
behaved :-(

Are you using Exchange for email? I've noticed the jump in spam again. May I
ask which spam filter you are using?

John B

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Hi John

We run nothing. Workstations, however, run MSE, and users are well behaving,
and servers are behind firewalls.
More importantly, we run a powerful spamfilter as spam ratio - after a quiet
period - is up again in the 80-85% ratio.


>>> john at winhaven.net 10-02-13 3:42 >>>
Hi All,

Setting up a new Server with SBS 2011. In the past I have not used the same
security software on a server as the workstations just because it gives a
second check on the files. What do you all thin and what security software
do you have on your Windows servers?


Not so sure a double check on the files matters that much anymore. With
scam-ware and phish bate being the biggest threat I see it seems to be more
about user training. My experience with Vipre security software shows that
it has seemly caught up, and is staying abreast, of new file infections.
What do you all think?


John B

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