[dba-Tech] Am I missing something?

Rocky Smolin rockysmolin at bchacc.com
Thu Feb 28 10:36:12 CST 2013

Noah added one to the machine he built last year and is ecstatic with the
boot and response time.  

I'd like to put one in my main box but it's so stable I'm reluctant to mess
with it.

I can put you in touch with him if you want.  He did the whole thing himself
so he can probably guide you. 


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I have read a few articles about SSDs and how to set them up as the boot
drive. Today I received in my inbox an offer from PC Mag for a Samsung 128GB
internal SSD for the ridiculously low price of $134.99.

I have a few questions.
0. Does one need to format these things or do they come pre-formatted, and
if so, as what? FAT-32 or NTFS or...?
1. There's a slot on my box that accepts SSDs. Is that what is meant by
2. Is it possible to set up one of these babies as the boot drive? I'm
assuming that this setup would boot way more quickly than the current
boot-from-hard-disk setup.
3. Given the whopping size of this thing, I can conceive of installing
virtually all my frequently-used apps on it; and there would still be
abundant space left. I'm in and out of Access, Word and OneNote several
times per day, plus a few other things as well. Could I re-install all these
apps on the SSD?

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