[dba-Tech] The walking dead

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
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Hi Jon

Well, go and tell the business. A search for hotel and fax on Bing returns
49.3 mio. hits.

An agency specializing in French and Italian resorts I visited here some
years ago to discuss IP telephony, had six fax machines running hot. And it
was out of necessity, not laziness nor lack of funds.
They may now have only three running, but still.


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Sorry Gustav, you're wrong. Fax needs to die. If you've got a phone line,
you can get a simple enough net connection and use email. No-one needs to
have to support faxes now, it's 2013 for god's sake! :-)


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Hi Jim

Yes, once again a nonsense-bla-bla blob on Tech Republic.

Matrix printers are still in use in one business (which this Jack youngster
probably doesn't even know exists): Shipping.

We have a client running three Lexmark gunships ... they work all day, have
done for years, and if you study the mechanics, it is a built for a lifetime
of a human and will survive a Third World War. And why? Because when
shipping to "outer" zones like most of Africa you just need papers with a
lot of copies for all sorts of stamps and approvals. Print the AWB and it

As for VHS and pagers, these are long gone at least in this part of the
World. Fax is not, again in one business: Travel Agencies. Many small hotels
and resorts in distant areas at exotic places have only simple telefone
lines and small budgets.

Regarding his comment on Internet Explorer, he is plain wrong.


>>> stuart at lexacorp.com.pg 31-10-13 20:01 >>>
Generally true, but there is still a place for dot matrix!

On 31 Oct 2013 at 12:44, Jim Lawrence wrote:

> Here is a good start list of programs that are part of the "Walking 
> Dead" and should be tossed as soon as possible.
> I must admit I still have sites with XP but will be either moving them 
> to Linux or Windows 7, depending on what the client wants. For a more 
> complete list of the toxic brew of the dead and dying, check out the link:
> Jim 

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