[dba-Tech] Remote take over programs

Gustav Brock gustav at cactus.dk
Wed Dec 16 04:40:57 CST 2015

Hi John

This Wippien seems not be developed further - which is OK if it works, of course.

Are you using it to encrypt the connection are does it serve other purposes for your setup?


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Emne: Re: [dba-Tech] Remote take over programs

It's odd that this should come in today.  I just spent much of the day trying to get Wippien to actually connect the tunnel.  I then resorted to Chrome Remote Desktop, which does work but is... basic. Then played some more with Wippien and finally got a connect between the two ends, whereupon Remote Desktop worked.  RD through Wippien is fast.

Reading about X2Go it seems that it really wants one end (the server) to be Linux?

I am interested if in fact it does not require the third-party server.  
I wonder how they establish the initial connection.

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